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I’m working on a bunch of different posts at the moment in my (still very small) series on computer science and computing in general. The most fascinating is naturally the one I am having the most trouble with.

When I say “having trouble with” what I really mean is that I’ve written a couple of pages several times and then gone and deleted the whole lot in a flush of anger at my inability to express what I mean. And what I mean is beautiful and fascinating stuff that I don’t want to sully by doing badly.

In case you were wondering, I’m trying to bring together Turing machines, lambda calculus, Chomsky’s grammar hierarchies and anything else that fits in that magic little box called ‘computability’. I don’t know what the optimum point is between giving too little detail that it’s uninteresting and so much detail that it’s confusing.

On the other hand it may be too great a scope for a single post. What say I just write a post about the mechanics of a Turing machine and then examine the view from there when I’ve got that right? It seems sensible, now that I write it down. Look for it in the future.

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