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22nd-Nov-2006 03:12 am - The documentary ‘Jesus Camp’

Thanks to the stalwart efforts of robhu I got to watch Jesus Camp the other day.

It is, as you might guess, about a kids’ camp run by, and for, evangelical Christians. The kids do the summer camp stuff which they don’t show much of (go-karting, you get the idea) and lots of Pentecostal praising, sermons and lectures.

Read more about the filmCollapse )

Just back from seeing Casino Royale and all those folk who plan to see it tomorrow — alittlebriton et al — are gonna love it I think.

It was rough, gritty, fast and surprisingly tense. I’ll lay off the spoilers today. Instead I’ll say that I loved the parkour in the opening scenes; and that there were even neat little fractals in the opening sequence graphics (a Mandelbrot set–style club sprouting Koch snowflakes which turn into more clubs). Daniel Craig was head and shoulders above any Bond since Connery.

Take your dinner jacket, take your slinky dress, have a vodka martini: enjoy.

Yesterday was a pretty full day of interesting delights. At one o’clock h2_the_foodie , not_a_mouse and alittlebriton and I met for lunch at Monster Mash. I had never met Queenspanky before and marvelled at her tea-consuming abilities. (I don’t like tea, but I didn’t let this slip at the time as I might have been disembowelled for uttering blasphemies.)

I then went with h2_the_foodie to the Glasgow Print Studio’s little exhibit on George Street to see if we could pick up a John Byrne on her parents’ behalf. Alas the one they wanted was of a very limited run and was long since gone. We also discovered that her parents had already been in to the gallery and bought something else anyway.

The streets were completely mobbed with folk being summery and festive, so I joined in by eating ice cream. We then saw The Penny Dreadfuls’ Victorian sketch show Aeneas Faversham — it was as excellent as the rave reviews would lead you to believe. I talked to Bookdrunk on the way out but I’m pretty sure I was unrecognised and confused poor BD mightily. But such is life.

Got home and watched some more of the first series of Battlestar Galactica. The writing’s improved much more from the first two episodes but the somewhat corny “no atheists in foxholes” ending to the last episode I watched was rather disappointing.

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