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This is really appalling—“Doctor Yourself”:

World’s Largest HEALTH HOMESTEADING website

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. This especially includes your health.

What is this, hmm? This is the work of one “Andrew Saul, PhD”1 and what a piece of work it is. Every piece of woo medicine you’ve ever read about is contained in this one website. Homeopathy? Yep. What about vitamin C as a cure for AIDS (and HPV! Double whammy on the sexually transmitted diseases there!)? Oh yeah, we got that too. Maybe throw in magnesium for epilepsy too.

But this is all run of the mill stuff. What about his assertion that “the germ theory was complete bullshit” to really throw the cat among the pigeons?

We do indeed have a proper nutcase here. And he appears to have a love affair with vitamin C. Really, there seems to be nothing it can’t be applied to that won’t be fixed within the week. (I exaggerate, but only slightly.) He’s even got a full guide to strong-arming your doctors into giving intravenous vitamin C.

Unfortunately I don’t really have the medical knowledge to go through this site page by page. This is a lifetime’s project for someone.

I’ll leave you with the knowledge that Dr (or should that be “Dr”) Saul is “Assistan Editor of the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine”, which is probably about as well regarded as Homeopathy. Ho hum.

  1. Why does that title give me the involuntary shivers now? I suppose I’m just glad it wasn’t Dr Andrew Saul, PhD…

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. The history of lawyers' letters used to remove material from the internet never go in favour of the lawyers' clients. This is called the Streisand effect.

The Society of Homepaths are one group who have utterly failed to learn this lesson. David Colquhuon (himself no stranger to receiving legal letters) reports on the Society of Homeopaths attempt at bullying:
Many people now have written about the disgraceful and dangerous claims by homeopaths to be able to prevent and cure malaria. My contribution was “Homeopathic 'cures' for malaria: a wicked scam”

One of the best contributions was on the Quackometer blog, The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing.

But the post has vanished! Quackometer’s ISP has received threatening letters sent by lawyers on behalf of the Society of Homeopaths, who claim that the truth i.e. [sic] defamatory, while being unwilling to say which statements are wrong. These threats have forced the removal of the post (for the moment), though you can still read it from the Google cache. And a lot of other places too.
You can read the original article here: The Gentle Art of Homeopathic Killing.

Bookdrunk mentions homeopathy in that inimitable but blunt style, to hilarious effect:

Doctors and scientists have warned holidaymakers not to use homeopathic remedies for malaria and other serious tropical diseases or their lives could be put at risk.

Because homeopathy doesn’t work.

However, sometimes no amount of arguing can do as much damage to a cause as hearing it from the horses’ mouths — Ben Goldacre has a magnificent video from Newsnight featuring Melanie Oxley, speaking on behalf of the Society of Homeopaths. And it’s hilarious.

Her stoicism in the face of absurdity is really being wasted on something so trivial as fraud medicine: she apparently studied with the master of denial, Saddam Hussein’s Information Minister. My favourite bit comes when the interviewer recounts a quote on how homeopathy fights malaria (by making sure your energy doesn’t have a “malaria-shaped hole” in it, apparently) — then asks Ms Oxley, straight out, What planet are these people on?. Ooh, watch her squirm!

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