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The Sikh who was assaulted in Edinburgh is getting rather too much attention for an inconsequential aspect of the assault. From the BBC, he was:

  1. subjected to verbal racial abuse
  2. punched
  3. kicked to the ground
  4. threatened with a knife
  5. had his hair cut

For any normal person number five in the list would not be the most important thing. In all probability the story would barely be reported outside the local press if he wasn’t a Sikh.

So what’s the fuss? The boy’s baseless beliefs are the foundation for the escalation in severity of the crime. If a Jedi walking through Pilrig had had his light sabre broken by a bunch of thugs, would anyone care? If someone stole some expensive wine from a Hedonist, would there be such outcry?

If, while walking through a park late at night, a Godless Materialist was attacked and their mp3 player stolen — would they get a candle-lit vigil and a statement from the Chief Inspector?

I want to reassure all members of the community, and the materialist community in particular, that I’m confident we’ll have a positive outcome.

I think the answer to that is rather obvious, sadly. Instead it’s the invented offence against a god that’s given all due respect and not the offence against the person.

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