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1st-Jul-2007 03:07 pm - Haskell Blogpost update.

Not sure if this is of interest. Just updated blogpost app to deal with LJ cuts and usernames/communities.

If you write

<!-- "Click here for more..." -->

it gets converted into

<lj-cut text="Click here for more..." />

Also, if you do a local preview it would previously leave any user tags unchanged. But most browsers would skip over <lj user="brokenhut" /> as an unknown tag, so you’d end up with a gap in the sentence. So I converted it into a brokenhut.

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I recently got my lazy self in gear and finished a piece of code that had been languishing for a while. It had been neglected because I no longer actually needed it; and it wasn’t desperate, because there were other ways to solve the problem — ways that didn’t involve me engaging my brain.

But for one reason or another I felt it needed done. And I’m glad it’s finished, because there were a couple of interesting lessons learned.

If you want to know how to do text processing from Haskell with external programs like Markdown, then read on. It took me a while to get this working properly, with many a deadlock or zombie process along the way. So I thought it worthwhile to write up the stuff that I learned.

(I couldn’t find this information via Google. I got some useful stuff from reading the source for the Hugs interpreter and some utility libaries from John Goerzen. But trying to guess the full behaviour from reading isolated functions is a tricky business sometimes.)

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I’m working on a bunch of different posts at the moment in my (still very small) series on computer science and computing in general. The most fascinating is naturally the one I am having the most trouble with.

When I say “having trouble with” what I really mean is that I’ve written a couple of pages several times and then gone and deleted the whole lot in a flush of anger at my inability to express what I mean. And what I mean is beautiful and fascinating stuff that I don’t want to sully by doing badly.

In case you were wondering, I’m trying to bring together Turing machines, lambda calculus, Chomsky’s grammar hierarchies and anything else that fits in that magic little box called ‘computability’. I don’t know what the optimum point is between giving too little detail that it’s uninteresting and so much detail that it’s confusing.

On the other hand it may be too great a scope for a single post. What say I just write a post about the mechanics of a Turing machine and then examine the view from there when I’ve got that right? It seems sensible, now that I write it down. Look for it in the future.

29th-Jul-2006 06:24 pm - First carnival submission

Well, I wrote an article I was proud of, so I submitted my introduction to hash functions to Tangled Bank, a carnival of exciting science posts.

Are you a weblogger? Have you recently written something you are proud of, that you think other people with an interest in biology, medicine, science in general, or just the general workings of the natural world might find worth reading? Let me know! […] Don’t hesitate, don’t be shy, don’t wonder if your work is good enough — flit right into the bank with the rest of us elaborately constructed forms.

The previous edition is available here for those who want to read a collection of exciting science in all sorts of subjects.

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