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The Broken Hut
Working my way up to a full-size building
Dispatches from the fight against the endarkenment 
16th-Oct-2007 12:32 pm

I wrote this post about a month ago but never posted it. It was written just between the broadcast of the first and second episodes of Dawkins’ The Enemies of Reason programme. I have yet to see the second episode, even after all this time.

But I thought I might as well post this; it was either that or delete it. I would also encourage everyone to read Blake Stacey’s blog, Science after Sunclipse, at http://www.sunclipse.org/.

I‘m not going to write about Dawkins’ programme The Enemies of Reason just yet. There’s still an episode to go, after all.

But I would like to briefly point to Blake Stacey’s comment on Pharyngula:

The bit with the sociology professor at the end made me want to shake the man and scream, “You think the Internet is opening up new kinds of truth? Which kind of truth makes microchips possible, you bastard!?” But maybe that’s just me; I’m probably not suited for prime time.

While Blake may not be suited for prime time, I felt exactly the same. So I’m not suited for mainstream television either, it would seem. But more should have been done in discussing the postmodernist nonsense at the heart of what he said.

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